Jimba starts 4 April at 12:00 CEST! - Make sure you check out our main site for the latest news!

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1. PatzebikLvl. 869
2. Adas NiszczycielLvl. 817
3. GypkyLvl. 683
4. DzikiLvl. 673
5. LichakLvl. 657

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Jimba OTS

Welcome to Jimba

Jimba.pl is an Real map Tibia 12.51 server with a lot of systems, party experience sharing, new quests and task system. This server is trying to reach real tibia in the best way with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.

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Nov 22 2020 -



Nov 20 2020 -
Double Exp

Hi Guys,

At Friday 22:05 to Sunday 22:05 DOUBLE EXP

Probably in next week we have winter update:

1. The client is changed to 12.51

2. Update Map (new bosses, monsters, quests)

3. Santa will be added

On Tibia 12.51 we can have some bugs, if u found some bugs, tell me, report on website, or email [email protected] and i fix it,
I hope you will be understanding in the coming days

Another topic I want to mention is server maintenance

It costs about PLN 250 per month, excluding advertising, with advertising it is PLN 650 per month. I don't want to contribute to it, I just need to devote my work to it. If someone buys a VIP for 1 month, it supports me a lot and the server has the ability to survive. Two people were banned on November 19, 2020 due to the fact that they hated buying a VIP. You don't want not to buy, but don't hate because the server has to make a living

Regards, Jimba

Nov 02 2020 -
Double Exp Day's

Hi Players,
On Thursday at 22:05 we start the double exp weekend, we end Sunday at 22:05.

Recently, I am less available on the server, it results that a large number of people at my workplace are in quarantine and I have to work.
I'll see you soon.

Yours Jimba

Oct 21 2020 -
Update Map

Hi guys,

We have everyday update map, today i added:

1. New Boss on Alnwick Boomber, he is very strong boss, you need team to kill him.
He droping umrall items.
2. New monster: Dendryt, this monster droping Candle Stump, you can too found on Alnwick.
3. In shop you can find Access Rune - this rune giving access for 1 hour to better spawn monsters




Regards ! Your Jimba

Oct 19 2020 -

The update will come back to 12.4 due to some fundamental bugs, sorry for the inconvenience. Update to 12.51 will be in the next few days

Double Exp start in friday 23:05

Oct 09 2020 -
Double Exp

Double Exp, loot x4 until Sunday, 23:05 loot x4

I'm going on a little vacation to the seaside, I'll be gone until Wednesday. I will have a laptop with me, urgent and important matters should be reported on discord or facebook (Jimba OTS). I hope you can do without me Have fun