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Top 5 Level

1. VirosLvl. 1009
2. VLvl. 1007
3. Ergo NocturnaLvl. 935
4. DzikiLvl. 816
5. WoodyLvl. 803



Welcome to Jimba

Jimba.pl is an Real map Tibia 12.91 server with a lot of systems, party experience sharing, new quests and task system. This server is trying to reach real tibia in the best way with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.

Exp boost x150% end For:

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1. Faster regeneration: Mana: 15 in 3 sec, HP 12 in 3 sec (standard is mana: 9, hp: 9).

2. More hp, mana for lvl.

Epic Sorcerer + 1 hp, + 4 mana for lvl

Epic Druid + 1 hp, + 4 mana for lvl

Epic Paladin + 2 hp, + 3 mana for lvl

Epic Knight + 4 hp, + 1 mana for lvl

Epic rank have to ACCESS to new spawns monsters

Next time for Epic we add new spells

Quest for an epic promotion takes you through many dangerous locations and it’s very difficult for a low level player. Quest reward – the promotion scroll – can be used on level 150. Since after using it you will gain more HP and MP on every level up, it’s very beneficial to do the quest as early as possible. But it won’t be easy. You can always team up with more people or ask someone to help you out.


To begin the quest go to Thais Temple and use a teleport to Fibula. Go north until you find a ship. Talk to the Farnio onboard to sail to Hydros. Here your task is to hunt Epic Hydras and loot 20 pineapples from them. Remember to not eat them by accident! Epic Hydras are black colored and live on the mountains on this island. They are stronger and tougher than regular Hydras but the biggest danger is their ability to summon Medium Hydras, which also roam the surface. Those green monstrosities have all of their attacks similar to a normal Hydra except their ice strike which can deal up to 3000 ice damage. To get past them, climb the mountains and hunt Epic Hydras. You may want to equip a lot of ice protection. Hunting in group is also a good strategy. Just be careful and don’t pull more than one Hydra at once. After you have collected 20 pineapples it’s time to sail back to Fibula and go through the teleport back to Thais.

Screenshots to the first part:

1. Teleport to Fibula
2. Ship to Hydros
3. Medium Hydra
4. Epic Hydra
5. Back


Second part requires VIP status since you will need to enter Vip Town to proceed with the quest. Simply walk into a green teleport named “VIP ZONE” inside Thais Depo. After you arrive go west and aboard the ship. Talk to Captain Majk to sail to Zenor. Leave the Ship and climb the stairs on the west. After you reach the city follow the road south-west until you leave the city. Go through the bridge into the cave. After the cave go west close to the mountains on you right. Soon you will see stairs leading up. You will enter a plateau with Medium Hydras. Carefully proceed east until you find another stairs leading up. Here you can talk to NPC Remo who will gladly take your 20 pineapples in exchange for a passage though a quest door later on. When you get it simply go back the same way. The next part will begin near the Vip Town’s ship.

Screenshots to the second part:
6. Zenor Boat
6. Zenor Boat
8. Zenor Mountains
9. NPC Remo

Dragon island

Third part will take you to the Dragon Island. Go to the ladders leading to the ship in Vip Town. Here, hidden behind red leaves of a tree, lays a stone pile, which you can open with a shovel, to enter a secret passage. Follow through the tunnel, then inside the building. On the highest floor you will find door that will only open after you have gotten the access from Remo. Go downstairs and follow the road until you find a ship. Speak with Fifi to sail to the Dragon Island. Here you will face Epic Dragon Hatchlings, Epic Dragon Lords and Epic Ghastly Dragons. They are not stronger than Hydras but still caution is advised. Bring a lot of fire resistance, kite and don’t pull too many at once. Once you arrive go down the ladder and enter the island. Follow the mountain east until you get to the first ramp. Climb on it and go east. Climb up another ramp and you will be at the top of the mountain. Here carefully proceed west until you find a shrine with a bag on it. Use it to get a key. Now it’s time to climb down the mountain and into the underground. Go north east, down then east and down. Now go west and enter the hole. If you get lost look at the screenshots below. Underground go south east and down the stairs. Here it becomes really dangerous. Go south, downstairs and again south until you find a door. Open it with the key from the shrine. Go upstairs and enter the grey teleport. After pulling the lever you will face Epic Dragonking. Stay diagonally to avoid his beams and waves. He has a lot of health but isn’t that dangerous. After you kill him enter the south teleport. Congratulations! You have completed the quest. Open the chest in the middle of the room to get an Epic Scroll which you can use to get promoted. Teleport on the left will lead you to the surface of the island.
Screenshots to the third part:

10. Hole
11. Door
12. Ship to Dragon Island
13. Dragon Island
14. Up
15. Up Again
16. Shrine
17. Down
18 Down Again
19. Route Underground
20. Enter Deeper
21. and Deeper
22. Locked Door
23. Boss Entrance
24. Epic Dragonking
25. Epic Reward