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1. BetelgeuseLvl. 621
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The official start of the server on December 17 at 12:00

Welcome to Jimba

Jimba.pl is an Real map Tibia 12.86 server with a lot of systems, party experience sharing, new quests and task system. This server is trying to reach real tibia in the best way with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.

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If you start game
by Jimba

Profession: Druid
Level: 101

Posts: 3
If you start game
<h2><p>Hello Jimba Guys,</p>

<p>Quick guide to play on jimba.pl</p>

</h2><h2> <p><b>1. After logging in to the server, you will arrive at the thais temple</p>
<p>2. Professions like Knight / Paladin have weapon quests in temple at -1
</p><p>3. In the Thais depo on level -1 there are teleports for hunting grounds available from 6 to 90 lvl such as kazo dwarf, ankh tomb, cyclops Thais.<p> 4. You get rewards for gaining experience. (libary / reward system on site)
</h1><h2><p><b> Free blessings are up to lvl 80.
<p> Ammunition, potions, runes run out.</p>
<p>For the paladin, a special training spear has been prepared that does not stop there, the train spear</p>
<p> There is a special island for players who will buy a VIP, additional hunting grounds, quests, bosses and more. When you buy, write to discord, I will show you around VIP.</p>

<p style="text-align:right;">
Regards, Jimba
18.01.22 13:04:08